Jemilev met with NATO deputy chief in Brussels

18 March 2015 14:11

Ukraine’s President Commissioner on Crimean Tatar Issues Mustafa Jemilev and head of NATO mission in Ukraine Ihor Dolgovy on March 17 have met with NATO Deputy Chief Alexander Vershbow in Brussels, Mustafa Jemilev wrote in Facebook.

Jemilev has also taken part in a sitting of Ukraine-NATO commission and has met with Europe’s senior officials.

It is also planned to arrange a meeting of Ukrainian and foreign media representatives in Brussels.

As we earlier reported, Crimean Tatar leader, Ukraine's Presidential Commissioner on Crimean Tatar Issues Mustafa Jemilev had complied with a request made by Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to participate in the meeting of NATO representatives and make a report about the current situation in Crimea.