(QHA) -

Crimean Tаtar leader Mustafa Jemilev is not ruling out a crackdown of May 18 mourning demonstration, he announced this at press-conference in Kyiv May 5.

He confirmed Crimeans Tatars will hold mourning events, adding that Crimean authorities may dislike the “way they are conducted”.

It is possible that Crimean Tatars will join the rally, holding Crimean Tatars' national flags along with the Ukrainian flags. You know, the Ukrainian flag for the Russian authorities is like a red rag for a bull. In this case I am not ruling out possible crackdown of the demonstration”- he said.

Mr. Jemilev also emphasized there will be no Crimean Tatar diaspora representatives in Crimea, as international companies suspended air communication with the peninsula.

To recall, Thousands of Crimean Tatars broke through the police cordons at the border with mainland Ukraine to greet their leader Mustafa Jemilev who tried to enter Crimea from Ukraine May 3. However, he was not allowed to enter Crimea.

Crimean authorities promised to dish out criminal charges to the activists.