According to Ukrainian MP Mustafa Jemilev, the searches carried out at homes of ATR personnel and Lenur Islyamov are just an act of retaliation for Crimea’s blockade.

“They have searched 5 houses, seizing all office equipment and materials Lilya Budzhurova, a journalist, had at her place. A search of LALE Crimean Tatar TV Channel for children, which has nothing to do with politics, was also carried out.

According to Mustafa Jemilev, incidents like these are purely politically motivated and meant to scare Crimean Tatar activists. The Russian authorities are furious over the ongoing blockade of Crimea, although they claim it is not affecting the situation with food supplies on the peninsula,” says Jemilev.

“When searching Lenur Islyamov’s apartment in Moscow, police officers demanded that his son denounced him on camera. That is what they did under Stalin back in 1937, though nothing of the kind happened in Soviet times. But if Russian authorities are furious, then we feel we are doing the right thing,” said Jemilev.