According to Mustafa Jemilev, Leader of Crimean Tatars, the EP resolution demanding that Russia de-occupy Crimea is an important step towards achieving this goal, quotes Jemilev as saying.

“The resolution adopted by the European Parliament is very important. What makes it particularly important for us is that it emphasizes that Crimean Tatars is an indigenous people, strongly condemns Russia, demands that Crimea be de-occupied, supports the initiative of creating the ‘Geneva plus’ format and sharply criticizes repression against Crimean residents perpetrated by the occupation authorities,” said Jemilev.

Jemilev went on to say that despite the great strides made towards returning Crimea, no essential changes in Russia’s rhetoric are to be expected in at least a short-term perspective.

‘Though that is a stance taken by a very influential institution, such as the Europarliament, Russia, which has nothing to lose, will no doubt respond to it in a manner that has been typical of her lately. That said, the resolution is very important for us,” Jemilev said.