(QHA) -

Ukraine’s Presidential Comissioner of Crimean Tatar Issues Mustafa Jemilev headed to Vienna, Austria, to attend Winter Meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The situation in Crimea is due to be among the discussed issues of the event.

As Jemilev noted, “representatives of Russia in the OSCE may try to thrust their position on the OSCE members and will falsify the information about true situation in Crimea”.

“I am not a permanent member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, still I was asked to speak at the meeting so the situation in Crimea will be shown more impartial”- Jemilev summed up.

The 2015 Winter Meeting will be held on 18-20 February at the Hofburg Congress Centre in Vienna.

The escalating crisis in and around Ukraine and the OSCE's continuing efforts to help resolve it will be the focus of parliamentary debate and keynote presentations.