Mustafa Jemilev, Advisor to Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatar Affairs, posted a message on his Facebook page saying that Enver Krosh, a resident of Zhankoy and Crimean Tatar, was illegally taken to the Zhankoy Police Department on December 16. There, FSS officers tried to recruit Enver by getting him to sign a written undertaking to collaborate. Having failed, the FSS officers subjected Enver Krosh to electric shock torture.

“He was taken to the police department at 4.30 p.m. on December 16, 2015. On the morning of December 17 Krosh was let go but the FSS officers kept saying to him: “You have your wife, children and relatives to think about. Consider our offer again,” writes Jemilev.

Commenting on the incident by the phone, Mustafa Jemilev said that that way the FSS is looking for snitches among Crimean Tatars.

“They are looking for those who will be ratting on their friends and relatives. And they even stooped so low as to threaten physical harm to his family members. Even the bravest man is afraid for his family,” said Jemilev.

This is not the first time Crimean Tatars have been recruited through intimidation and blackmail, but this is the first known precedent of torture being used to this end.