A search was conducted in the house of Sadiq Tabah, a Mejlis’s member and businessman, on December 2, 2015, Nariman Jelal, the Fist Deputy Chairman of Mejlis, posted on his Facebook page. 

Furthermore, a search was to be made in the house of Ali Ozenbash, head of the Kurultai Audit Commission, but the FSS (Federal Security Service) and police officers did not find him and his family at home.

“Ali Ozenbash is not hiding, he says he is not afraid of searches, but if the FSS needs him they should send him a notice according to the established procedures, because he has  always appeared for questioning and talks with law enforcement officials,” Nariman Jelal posted.

It was reported earlier that the FSS officers came to the house of Ilver Ametov, Chairman of Sudak regional Mejlis, to make a search Wednesday morning, December 2, 2015.

Law enforcement officers also searched the premises of Rustem Mennanov, Deputy Chairman of Sovetsk regional Mejlis department, Ekrem Abdulvatov, Chairman of Kirovsk regional Mejlis department, and Suleiman Kadyrov, a member of Feodosia Regional Mejlis department.