Jamala said that her upcoming concert in Istanbul is a very important occasion as well as great honor.

“As far as I know, Turkish artists are usually competing to perform at this stage [Cemil Topuzlu Open-Air Theatre, an outdoor concert hall in the center of Istanbul - Ed.]. A lot of Ukrainians live in Istanbul, also there will be Ukrainian ambassadors, Ukrainian diaspora, the Crimean Tatar diaspora ... This is a great responsibility,” Jamala told a QHA correspondent.

The singer shared some details of a large performance, which will be held in Istanbul in less than a week.

“I will select songs that are close to me in spirit and meaning. They will be Turkish songs of famous singers and old Turkish and Crimean Tatar folk songs. My father will also come to the concert from Crimea, and perhaps we will sing something together. He plays the accordion and also knows a lot of traditional old songs. I'm sure it will be a very special concert.

Although we worried a lot, we did not know whether the people are up for any concerts. Besides, I know that August 17 is the anniversary of Izmit earthquake. So, I want to make a few dedications to those who are not with us and those who are fighting for democracy and human rights on this earth ... I want this concert to be uniting,” said Jamala.

Photo: QHA