On his Facebook page, Lenur Islyamov commented on why he shut down his media outlets in Crimea.

“15 Minut website and Lale TV Channel were part of ATR independent media holding. After having to relocate ATR to mainland Ukraine, I kept both projects running for as long as I could. However, after an act of desecration Aksyonov and his entourage committed by attending Tatly Ses children holiday, I could take it no more. I’d rather shut down all Crimean Tatar media outlets in Crimea than let them operate like this!

To all my colleagues staying in Crimea: I understand that you see things differently when you’re in Crimea, so I urge you to come to Kiev once a month and stay here for at least a week!” wrote Lenur Islyamov, one of the instigators of a civil blockade of Crimea.