Lenur Islyamov, a coordinator of Crimea blockade, wrote on his Facebook page that he has nothing to do with a protest to be held outside of the Presidential Administration tonight.

“As a person in charge of the civil blockade of Crimea I officially state: We have nothing to do with the protest to be held in Bankovaya Street tonight. Nor are we sending any of our men there. Our major enemy today is Putin. We should not get distracted and waste our efforts," said Islyamov.

It was reported earlier that another protest is scheduled to be held outside the Presidential Administration at 6 p.m tonight. Gaide Rizayeva, the protest’s organizer, wrote on her Facebook page that the protesters will demand a full energy blockade of Crimea and inclusion the question of Crimea, and particularly release of political prisoners in Crimea, on the agenda of the negotiations in Minsk.