A court hearing on lifting the trade blockade of Crimea is to be held today. According to the blockaders, if the court authorizes the lifting of the blockade, they will block the border with Crimea.

In an exclusive interview with QHA, Lenur Islyamov, Leader of the Crimea blockade, commented on the court hearing and told what the blockaders were going to do if the court authorizes the lifting of the blockade.

“If the court does authorize the lifting of the blockade, we will of course not let all our efforts go to waste. We will immediately file an appeal with all Ukrainian courts, and if it is not upheld we will start to act,” said Islyamov.

Lenur Islyamov warned that the activists will close the roads if their appeal gets turned down.

“Being civil activists, we made the government pass a decree banning deliveries of goods to Crimea. Unfortunately, the decree addresses only half the problem. However, it will take us only six hours to close all the roads. So, let no one have any illusions that Crimean Tatars will let trade with Crimea go unhindered,” said Islyamov.

It was reported earlier that the February 20 human rights group filed a court suit demanding that Decree #1035 passed by the Ukrainian government and banning deliveries of Ukrainian products to and from Crimea be revoked.