(QHA) - The International Renaissance Foundation has said that it ends cooperation with the current Ukrainian authorities in connection with the events related to the dispersal of Euromaidan peaceful protesters, according to a statement posted on the organization's Web site. The statement notes that having emerged at the time of Ukraine's independence, the International Renaissance Foundation has always regarded building a dialogue between the civil society and the public authorities as its major objective and achievement and that the foundation's staff and members of its board are recognized experts who served as members of the Constitutional Assembly of Ukraine, the coordination council under the Ukrainian president and multiple public councils to the executive authorities, Kyiv Post informs. "This was the reality before this morning. Today any possible dialogue between the government and the society has been broken by blood of peaceful citizens. After the brutal crackdown on Euromaidan we state that collaboration with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the president and his administration is deeply immoral and, therefore, unacceptable," reads the statement. Note: The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) was founded in April 1990. IRF is an integral part of the Open Society Foundations. IRF is one of the largest charity organizations in Ukraine. Its main objective is to provide financial and operational assistance to the development of an open and democratic society in Ukraine by supporting key civic initiatives in this area. The International Renaissance Foundation finances projects and programs which foster the development of civil society, promote rule of law and independent mass media. Funds are also allocated for diversification of information resources for the third sector, democratization of education and public health, advancing of social capital and academic publications, as well as ensuring protection of national minorities’ rights and their integration into Ukrainian society.