Under the decision made by the Interreligious Council of the Russian Federation, WiFi hot spots providing Internet access for believers are to be launched in the vicinity of churches in Moscow. It is expected that the ‘Orthodox Internet’ will also be available in the Manezhnaya and Borovitskaya squares of Moscow, said Roman Bagdasarov, Deputy Head of the Synod Department for Church and Society Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“There is a likelihood of some Kuzya God emerging and starting to publish his revelations on the Internet. If a person has little understanding of theology, he may take them for Gospel truth,” says the cleric.

What makes the new Internet authentically ‘orthodox’ is the fact that a specially-trained team will be ‘manually’ selecting safe data and blocking unwanted information. According to the Russian Orthodox Church, not only sermons of Orthodox clerics and websites with Orthodox content will be available on the new network. However, sectarian and extremist messages, as well as misrepresented historic facts and pornography, will be filtered out.

“Basically, we are talking about regular news minus negative information. If untraditional sexual orientation is discussed in some news report, it will be blocked,” says Andrey Protopopov, CEO of Crystal Protection, a company which is handling the project.

‘Inappropriate’ queries will be handled the same way children queries are processed. It is expected that the new network will first be launched in Skolkovo.