The police have started receiving reports of electoral violations. 187 of them have already entered the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations, 255 are now under consideration by the Internal Affairs bodies, reported the Advisor to the Head of Department Ivan Stojko.

According to him, the law enforcement agencies along with the Security Service of Ukraine are monitoring the situation in the country on-line, in spite of attempts to commit provocations, in particular, attempts by the subversive groups from neighboring border states to break through. But thanks to the joint efforts of the law enforcement officers and border guards, these attempts have been halted.

Ivan Stoyko, who is also the Head of the Interior Ministry operational headquarters on the protection of public order during the local elections, said as of now the law enforcement agencies have received 2,356 reports of electoral violations. Information about 187 of them has already entered the Unified Register of the pre-trial investigations. 255 reports are being checked by the law enforcement officers.