AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - NGO İnkişaf of the small resort town Saq/Saky got the second place in the elections of delegates of the Qurultay of Crimean Tatar nation. The question is that there is a strong rumor that this NGO is a project of the current head of the Crimea’s government Anatolii Mohyliov who is in direct confrontation against the Majlis of Crimean Tatar nation. Some experts said about unprecedented sum for the Crimean Tatar community spent by the İnkişaf to the Qurultay election campaign: more than 300 thousands hryvnias. Using the most simple calculation, it can count the NGO had to spend only to its political advertising in the electronic mass media about 180 thousands hryvnias. Some Crimean Tatar public and local servants confessed secretly they were under pressure of the Crimean Vice-Premier Aziz Abdullah who was compelling them to assist to the İnkişaf. Some experts think this project can be an attempt of the authorities to split the representative bodies of the Crimean Tatar nation: the Qurultay and the Majlis.
How previously unknown organization succeeded in achieving such success QHA asked the leader of İnkişaf Eskender Bilâl.
“I am stating with all responsibility before the Crimean Tatar people that the İnkişaf project is not created by one of governmental structures and officials: neither the Regions Party nor Mohyliov. İnkişaf is the project of the Saq raion. İt was before the beginning of the elections to the Qurultay”, - Mr. E. Bilâl stated straight off.
Also he told that though Aziz Abdullah is his friend for 12 years but the vice-premier did not pay none of kopeks to the election campaign and did not participate in the electoral race.
Moreover, Mr. E. Bilâl denies information about huge money spent to the election campaign. He said their NGO spent about 40 thousands hryvnias. Also he assures they did not bribe the voters: “We did not give to any voter even a pen. We got such large number of votes as a result of our work for years”.
To the question of QHA reporter about their future steps in the Qurultay, possible political partners, the NGO leader answered they would conduct talks before the Qurultay (the first session of the newly-elected Qurultay – ed.): “We should not step wrongly, we should close and unite the Qurultay. This is the body of our people that should settle its problems”.
At the same time, he stated: “I think the membership of the Majlis (of Crimean Tatar nation –ed.) must be renovated. İt should come young people, people who keep up with the times. I say many times – I am not see myself as the majlis member but I wish to see members of the Majlis, vice-chairmans of the Majlis on behalf of our organization. The İnkişaf never issue the challenge to disorganize the Crimean Tatar nation’s Qurultay and the Majlis. This will never happen, it is all rumors”.