(QHA) -

Deputy speaker of Crimean Parliament Remzi Ilyasov has called on Crimean students to take active part in Crimea Parliament elections scheduled for September 14.

He spoke during the meeting of Crimean speaker Vladimir Konstantinov with the students of Taurida National Vernadsky University in Simferopol.

“Crimea’s joining the Russian Federation is a fateful decision either for Crimean Tatars of for other peoples residing in Crimea. Only by taking active part in future Parliament elections and political life of the peninsula will assure further development of repatriates’ issues”- Ilyasov said.

Earlier Ilyasov called on Crimean Tatar people to participate in Parliament elections scheduled for September 14, despite Mejlis’s decision to boycott the event.

Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people has withdrawn Remzi Ilyasov, Teyfuk Gafarov, who was recently appointed vice mayor of Simferopol, and Zaur Smirnov—head of State Committee on Interethnic Relations and Issues of Formerly Deported Citizens.