(QHA) -

Conference “On Crimean Tatar situation in Crimea at the present stage”, took place in Simferopol, September 6. The event was organized by Crimean Tatar NGOs such as ‘Adalet’, ‘Inkishaf’, Qardashliq-Qarasuv, Council of Crimean Tatar Elders ‘Namus’ and vice speaker of Crimean Parliament Remzi llyasov.

Crimean Senior Officials, among them Crimean Premier Sergey Aksyonov, speaker of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov attended the conference, Russian Presidential envoy to Crimea Oleg Belaventsev, head of State Committee on Interethnic Relations and Issues of Formerly Deported Citizens Zaur Smirnov and Simferopol vice-mayor Teyfuk Gafarov attended the conference.

Special focus of the event was paid to participation of Crimean Tatars in Parliament elections, scheduled for September 14.

Following the results of the conference it was decided to establish a working group to conduct consultations, forums, round tables, etc., to “remove political opposition, interethnic and interfaith tensions". The group will be headed by Crimean Parliament vice-speaker Remzi Ilyasov

The conference comes as Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people made a decision to boycott the Parliament elections in Crimea.

To recall, Remzi Ilyasov, Zaur Smirnov and Teyfuk Gafarov had already been withdrawn from the Mejlis.