Russia says its dispute with Ukraine over gas supplies will not be resolved unless the European Union guarantees cash-strapped Kyiv pays up front for gas it wants from Russia this winter.

After three-way talks in Brussels that began on October 29 and dragged on into the night, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said the sides have agreed on the "basic parameters" of documents setting out prices, volumes, and a mechanism for restructuring Ukraine's gas debt to Russia.

But he said Russia will not turn on the taps to Ukraine unless it is certain it will be paid for future deliveries.

"If there's money, there will be gas," Novak said.

Gazprom's chief said the talks would resume later today only if EU and Ukraine agree on a protocol guaranteeing payments.

"If such agreement is not reached, there will be no meetings or negotiations tomorrow [October 30] and no documents will be signed," Aleksei Miller said yesterday.