International Air Transport Association (IATA) will insist on the open skies regime over Crimea for the passenger aviation, said the Head Of ht e Association Tony Tyler as cited by Kommersant.

- This huge space is empty now, but should be used as the water area is at a very important Europe- Asia travel route, said Tyler.

According to him, flying over Crimea is one of the key issues for the global aviation. He explained that the international space over the Black Sea is now closed for foreign airline operations, as there is a risk the flight information will be duplicated by Russian and Ukrainian air traffic controllers.

- The IATA will insist that all parties take the development of solutions reasonably, as flights over Crimea are also a politically sensitive issue. This problem requires a speedy solution. The airlines need a huge amount of additional funds and fuel to bypass the Black Sea waters that, in turn, increases the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, all the parties concerned should meet together and come to a common decision, said IATA Head.

Photo: Internet