(QHA) -

I am a Russian citizen and I am proud of it, head of “Qirim Birligi” civil organization Seitumer Nimetullaev announced, commenting on how he get the Russian citizenship.

Nimetullaev, who served as head of Genichesk (South Ukraine) rayon administration for many years, said he “was always with Russia and that is why he got the citizenship”.

The announcement comes after Ukraine put Nimetullaev on wanted list upon “abuse of office”.

Nimetullaev reportedly assisted in transferring of thousands of hectares of agricultural land in the territory and Chongarsky and Privolnoye regions to "Chongar" private enterprise, run by his wife. The damage caused to the government exceeded 7 million hryvnias.

The property owned by Nimetullaev’s family in the territory of Ukraine, in particular a cannery, a restaurant, grain storage, warehouses, oil mill, sewing and sausage shop, two cars and two trucks were arrested.