(QHA) -

Hundreds of Crimean Tatars have already registered on the territory of Ukraine to vote in Ukraine’s presidential elections, scheduled for May 25.

Member of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Eskender Bariyev said, QHA correspondent reports.

“According to preliminary data, hundreds of Crimean Tatars will vote in the elections. Another question is how this people will be transported there”- Bariyev noted

However, Bariyev is not ruling out that Crimeans would not be allowed to Ukraine on election’s day.

“Another side of the question is will or will not Crimeans be allowed to Ukraine. No civilized state will forbid foreign citizens to exercise their right to vote for the president of their country. If there are some barriers, that would be negative first of all for Russia.”- he noted.

As we earlier reported, more than 6 thousand people registered participate in presidential elections on May 25, amid Ukrainian Prime Minister announced all citizens of Ukraine, including those who live in Crimea will be able to vote.