(QHA) -

Human Rights Council at Russian President has appealed for Prosecutor General Yuriy Chayka to investigate the pressure of Crimean law-enforcement officers on Crimean Tatar ATR Channel.

This comes as ATR Director General Elzara Islyamova appealed for the Council’s chairman Mikhail Fedotov, calling the raid on ATR and seizure of the channel’s archive video materials.

“Crimean authorities have repeatedly accused ATR Channel of “opposite views” and “slander of activity” just because we stand to our professional principles and in accordance with the law give clear information about what is happening in Crimea. Along with positive developments, we have to inform people about some problem of transition period, defects and mistakes of local authorities”- reads the appeal of Islyamova.

Because of the fact that “ATR is the first ever and the only Crimean Tatar channel”, Mikhail Fedotov urges Prosecutor General of Russian Federation “to order examining of Elzara Islyamova’s appeal and then inform the Human Rights Council on taken measures”.