(QHA) -

Taking part in illegitimate referendum March 16, Crimea residents made, as they believe, a historical step. After voting for a “better life” they actually will face either political or economical and legal collapse, experts say.

All the Ukrainian documents will lose thier force. Taking Russian citizenship and changing of passports will turn Crimeans under the jurisdiction of Russia.

The same comes for houses, cars and other property that will have to be re-registered with Russian authorities. Birth and marriage certificates may have to be re-registered, as well. Lawyers have been told that their Ukrainian license to practice law will be valid in Russian courts, but there is expected to be a backlog in the courts while judges and attorneys learn the ins and outs of Russian law.

Moreover, as the international community declares the accession of Crimea illegitimate, all the international flights will be forbidden to Crimea.

International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO does not recognize the occupied territories and excludes airports from its list, so any airline that takes land there will be penalized.