August 8, relatives of the Ukrainians held in captivity organized a meeting near the President's Administration, which was attended by the Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko and her sister Vera, according to a QHA correspondent.

“You must seek the truth for your children. And all mothers must seek the right to put themselves on TV to say that their children are there, to tell their stories, where they served and where are they now, and why nothing is being done. Only if we remind that our guys are out there still alive, and they suffer, we will pursue the truth,” said Savchenko.

The main message the protesters tried to convey is that the Ukrainian authorities must work more actively and productively on the release of the Ukrainians, who are being held in the occupied territories and in the Russian Federation.

“As we know, it is easier to work in the Donetsk region, there is at least some kind of hierarchy there. But in the Luhansk region, in the so-called "LPR", they do not release anyone. A lot of people whose relatives have been prisoners in Luhansk jail since peacetime asked to transfer them to the territory controlled by Ukraine. But Lutkovska says she can not get a list of the prisoners as the Luhansk officials just do not provide it,” Savchenko says.

About 100 people attended the meeting. Among them there were hostages’ mothers and wives, concerned citizens, and soldiers, who had previously been released, and came to remind about those who are still in captivity. Some of them said they would stay near the the Administration walls and go on a hunger strike until the issue gets off the ground. 

“All the time some Chechens come to my son’s cell. They speak their language and bounce him into Islam. And, of course, torture him. For 10 months, I had no idea whether he is alive or not. 
Everyone says, we are fighting for his release, and we are working on it. But, as Nadia says, [Savchenko - Ed.], it is very hard to stay in prison, even for two months, and it is just unbearable to be tortured like Stanislav,” says Tatiana Klyh, the mother of a prisoner Stanislav Klyh who It is kept in the RF.

Moreover, the present at the rally signed a petition to the President on the initiative of Savchenko. One of the requirements is to provide a report specifying "the measures taken over the past time and those to be undertaken in the future" [regarding the liberation of Ukrainians in captivity - Ed.].