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French President Francois Hollande announced that helicopter carriers, "Mistrals" delivery to Russia is temporarily impossible: respect for the Minsk agreements is a condition for transfer of the ships.

Delivery of "Mistrals" carriers to Russia is not yet possible. According to the French president, Francois Hollande Russia has not yet fulfilled the required conditions. "I hope that one day they will be fulfilled," – announced the President.

In his statement at the EU summit in Brussels, the French president also said that the delivery is possible only after there is a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and Minsk agreements are observed, the AFP cites the French leader.

He added that if the crisis in Ukraine is regulated, "the EU will make steps to mitigate the sanctions against Russia." He added that the sides have not yet achieved this.

Earlier, French PM and President declared that Russia has not been given "Mistrals" since the Russian government has not taking real action for Donbas crisis de-escalation – "reduces acts of aggression against a sovereign country."