The decision on what to do with Crimea next will not be made by government officials but by Crimean residents, said Mikhail Hodorkovsky, a famous Russian public activist told a news conference in London

“Crimea’s fate should be decided by Crimeans. That said, I still feel Ukraine should be consulted with,” said Hodorkovsky.

According to Hodorkovsky, he could not stand aside when the turbulent events were unfolding in Ukraine in 2014.

“Try to see it my way, people who supported me would not have understood me if I had done otherwise,” Hodorkovsky said.

February 20, 2014, is officially believed to be the date of commencement of Russia’s occupation of Crimea. It was reported earlier by QHA that lectures would be given at Ukrainian schools and universities on February 26. The aim of the lectures is to provide students with as much information on Crimea occupation as possible