Simferopol (QHA) - The initiative to write a four-volume ‘History of Crimean Tatars’ is not related to members of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, therefore we cannot speak of any political order from Mejlis. This was said by deputy head of Mejlis Remzi Ilyasov in response to the statement of the head of Congress of Russian communities of Crimea Sergey Shuvaynikov, reports QHA correspondent. As reported, during a press conference Shuvaynikov said that four-volume ‘History of Crimean Tatars’ by famous Russian historian, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor Valeriy Vozgrin is a political order of Mejlis and that it provokes interethnic strife between people living in Crimea. “Members of Mejlis have absolutely no relation to writing of these books, the initiative came from other people,” stated Ilyasov. According to him, the book is a sort of a call for all Crimean Tatars to learn their history, and in his opinion, it doesn’t contain Russophobic elements. In addition, deputy head of Mejlis expressed gratitude to the author Valeriy Vozgrin for the books. “I thank Mr. Vozgrin very much for the fact that he was brave to take the responsibility and make such a big work about Crimean Tatar history, thus ‘inviting’ everybody to deeper knowledge and understanding of it”, said Ilyasov. As reported earlier, on August 14, 2013, presentation of four volumes of Crimean Tatar history by famous Russian historian, Doctor of historical sciences, Professor Valeriy Vozgrin took place in Simferopol. Besides author’s research materials, the books contain documents from XV till XX centuries from 9 domestic and 2 foreign archives (Russia, Denmark, Sweden), essays of foreign historians, who have visited or lived in Crimea from the Middle Ages till XX century, diaries, collections of letters, travel notes of diplomats, doctors, militaries, evidences of Crimean Tatars and other publications.