A Ukraine’s spokesperson for the Humanitarian Subgroup within the Trilateral Contact Group for resolving the conflict in Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko briefed on the Ukraine’s priorities in talks with the militants.

According to Irina Gerashchenko, over the last month, Ukraine has managed to release 80 prisoners, three of them from Russian jails – a Ukrainian pilot and MP with the Fatherland Party Nadiya Savchenko, ex-director of the "Znamya" plant Yuri Soloshenko and a Crimean activist Gennady Afanasiev.

- 80 people have been released from the militants’ captivity. Representatives of the humanitarian groups put a lot of efforts in order to release the prisoners. And I want to stress that the President of Ukraine raises this issue at the highest level, the Ukraine’s MP Irina Herashchenko told a briefing on "The results of the last meeting of the Minsk Contact Group” as cited by a QHA correspondent.

First Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Irina Herashchenko explained that, according to the information by the SBU, at least 112 people, including soldiers and civilians, are being held hostages in occupied Donbas.

- The keys to the jails and basements in ORDLO (ed.- certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions) are in the Kremlin. Only the Kremlin and FSB give permission to release prisoners, said the MP.