Internet videos about organized by authorities violence against the participants of a peaceful rally in Kyiv do not leave the slightest doubt that such actions had the demonstrative and intimidating purpose, said head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov on his Facebook page.

Chubarov said that officials have earlier publicly ensured the Ukrainians that peaceful actions of citizens are protected by law.

“But today the whole world witnessed the brutal beating of participants of the peaceful action by special forces of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. This was unjustified cruelty to young men and women, who in full compliance with the Ukrainian legislation showed their civic position in a peaceful way”, wrote Chubarov.

As reported, ‘Berkut’ forces rigidly dispersed people at Kyiv’s Independence Square, who were protesting against the government's decision to suspend negotiations with the European Union. Eyewitnesses reported that young people, including women, who stayed at the Square for the night, were beaten with batons, dragged along the ground and kicked. All people were forced out of the Square. There is information about the injured and arrested; blood is visible on the spot.

As reported by us earlier, on November 27, a group of Crimean Tatar activists left for Kyiv to participate in protests.