The Ataman (head) of Cossacks Union of Crimea Sergey Yurchenko in his comments to pro-Russian news agency ‘New Region’ claimed that the Russian party headed by ‘Cossacks’ is needed in Crimea to ‘make sure people feel safe that their children are not be hurt by Crimean Tatars or Neo-Nazis of Western Ukraine’. “Such party is very much needed and the Cossacks should be the core of it. If a person feels spiritual comfort, she can go through economic and political problems. One will feel comfort if she is sure that her children are not hurt by Crimean Tatars or Neo-Nazis from Western Ukraine”, said Yurchenko. As reported earlier pro-Russian news agency ‘New Region’ conducted a survey among members of the pro-Russian organizations, political scientists and so-called "Cossacks" asking them whether the Crimean Parliament needs another Russian party to come to replace ‘Russian Unity’ party, and if yes, what it should stand for.