At a meeting with representatives of the media, Yuri Habuz said that his number one priority is the reintegration of the Luhansk region into the media, political, economic and cultural policy of Ukraine, a QHA correspondent reports.

"The primary objective of my work is to create the mechanisms that would motivate the people from the so-called "gray zone" to move to the mainland Ukraine to develop certain social relations," Harbuz said.

The head of the Luhansk Regional State Military-Civilian Administration said that if Ukraine intends to return the occupied territories in the short term, it must fight for thoughts of people living there even now.

"Now we have initiated the adoption of children from the ATO zone to improve their health at children's sanatoriums and camps. We also accept students into educational institutions of Luhansk region. So, these are our practical actions that will create trust," he said.

Photo: Internet