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Lithuania’s president has criticized a French deal to sell warships to Russia, saying it shows the European Union compromising its values in order to protect trade ties with Moscow, AFP reports.

Dalia Grybauskaite made the comments in Vilnius today as EU foreign ministers gathered in Brussels to decide whether to increase sanctions on Russia over the Malaysian plane disaster.

Britain is calling for tougher measures against Moscow.

France and Germany, who each have crucial trade ties to Russia, are more reluctant.

Grybauskaite described that reluctance as "the Mistralization of European policy" -- referring to France's $1.6 billion deal to supply Russia with the two French Mistral warships.

Grybauskaite said selling military technology to Russia "under current circumstances cannot be tolerated."

She also warned that "indecisive" EU policy would mean "a direct invitation for the aggressor to be more aggressive."