The Anticorruption Bureau should look into the allegations and bring Kononeko to justice if he is found guilty of any wrongdoing, QHA quotes Parliament Speaker Alexander Groisman as saying during a press briefing at the Parliament.

“As regards the resignation, it is quite clear that we are about to enter a serious political crisis. I believe the crisis can be jointly resolved by members of the political parties and the President. That is necessary to stabilize the situation and have a clear idea of what should be done tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,” Groisman said.

He went on to say that it took updating the coalition agreement and working out a clear-cut action plan on what the exchange rate should be like, how the Central Election Committee should be formed, how the judicial system should be reformed and so on in order to stabilize the situation.

Groisman emphasized that the politicians should respond to issues in a mature way, while he would engage in consultations with all political parties in order to seek a solution to the situation.