Vladimir Groisman, Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, commented on the news of an arrest warrant in absentia being issued for Mustafa Jemilev, leader of Crimean Tatars.

“’Nonsense’ is the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about an arrest warrant in absentia for Mustafa Jemilev issued by the occupation authorities. They cannot scare the man who did not give in to the pressure of the KGB’s repressive machine, paid no heed to being deported or sent to labor camps and valued justice more than his own life. And this is the man they are trying to scare with their stupid decisions? No matter how many decisions like this occupants make about Mustafa Jemilev or other Ukrainian citizens, they cannot deny one simple fact recognized all over the world: Crimea is part of Ukraine!” wrote Groisman on his Facebook page.