Graffiti of Putin barely lasted 2 weeks in Simferopol

One of the graffiti drawings of Russian President Vladimir Putin, spray-painted on a building at the intersection of Mayakovsky and Kozlov streets in Simferopol less than 2 weeks ago, has been painted over.

27 August 2015 10:15

As it later emerged, the graffiti was splashed with paint and there was no way the stains could be removed.


Given that, they decided to restore the wall to its original look. Today saw public utility workers take great care painting the wall over.


The graffiti represented Putin against the backdrop of Simferopol’s railway terminal and the ‘Nash’ hashtag.

The graffiti drew mixed reaction from passers-by, with some stopping to take a picture of it and others openly expressing their outrage by saying that an ‘art’ like this ‘does not belong’ in Simferopol. A total of 5 graffitis of Putin were spray-painted in Simferopol.