General Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has come up with a list of former members of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea suspected of high treason and being on the wanted list.

However, this list includes former members of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea whose political convictions prevented them from showing up for the session during which annexation of Crimea by Russia was endorsed.

Safura Kadzhametova, Chairman of the "Maarifchi" (Association of Crimean Tatar Educationalists) and former MP of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, who ended up being on the list, said it made no legal sense for her name to be there.

“I wonder who was the idiot responsible for coming up with the list on the day I was not even present at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Crimea,” writes Kadzhametova on her Facebook.

The fact that Kadzhametova and Enver Abduraimov, another MP, were not present at the session of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, has been confirmed by Refat Chubarov, Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars and former MP of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

According to Chubarov, putting the former deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Enver Abduraimov and Safur Kadzhametov on "The list of former deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea suspected of high treason and being on the wanted list" makes no legal sense, which is why they ought to be excluded from it.

Former deputies of the Crimean Parliament are suspected of committing crimes described in Section 1 of Article 111 and Section 3 of Article 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason resulting in rendering assistance to a foreign state and its representatives for the purpose of conducting subversive activities against Ukraine, as well as public incitement to commit acts aimed at changing territorial borders of Ukraine in violation of the Constitution of Ukraine), CJI reports.

In March 2015, General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine issued a notice of suspicion on high treason and declared wanted 76 former deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea.

There are now 75 former deputies on the list, since Vasiliy Ganysh got help up by the Security Service of Ukraine and State Border Service of Ukraine during his attempted departure from Crimea on April 28, 2015.

Cited below is a list of individuals wanted on suspicion of committing crimes against the state of Ukraine:

1. Abduraimov Enver Elimdarovich, born on on 16.10.1973;

2. Avidzba Anatoliy Mkanovich, born on on 10.02.1951;

3. Akimov Sergey Ivanovich, born on on 17.6.1953;

4. Andreev Aleksey Veniaminovich, born on on 05.04.1960;

5. Arzhantsev Igor Vladimirovich, born on on 25.6.1962;

6. Babenko Gennadiy Aleksandrovich, born on on 24.06.1950;

7. Batalin Alexander Sergeevich, born on on 29.7.1946;

8. Baharev Konstantin Mikhaylovich, born on on 20.10.1972;

9. Bezaziev Lentun Romanovich, born on on 18.3.1942;

10. Belyaev Vladimir Vladimirovich, born on on 6.8.1970;

11. Vasilyev Alexander Modestovich, born on on 03.09.1059;

12. Vasyutin Ivan Sergeevich, born on on 18.11.1989;

13. Gafarov Edip, born on on 09.05.1952;

14. Georgiadi Larisa Fedorovna, born on on 16.5.1960;

15. Globinets Grigoriy Ivanovich, born on on 12.9.1952;

16. Gordeev Oleg Konstantinovich, born on 11.4.1968;

17. Grinevich Valeriy Vasilevich., 09.12.1968 born on on;

18. Gubanov Vladimir Dmitrievich, born on 17.8.1951;

19. Donich Sergey Georgievich., born on 12.12.1961;

20. Demin Egor Igorevich, born on 06.07.1985;

21. Egorov Sergey Viktorovich, born on 05.16.1957;

22. Zaitsev Petr Dmitrievich, born on 7.5.1952;

23. Zaichenko Anatoliy Anatolevich, born on 08.05.1969;

24. Zaporozhets Petr Petrovich, born on 11.1.1950;

25. Zakharov Vyacheslav Romanovich., born on 31.1.1947;

26. Zayats Sergey Anatolevich, born on 11.25.1973;

27. Ilyasov Remzi Ilyasovich, born on 12.04.1958;

28. Ioffe Grigory Adolfovich, born on 03.04.1953;

29. Kadzhametova Safure Khairutdinova, born on 30.01.1951;

30. Kalin Petr Savelevich, born on 09.26.1949;

31. Karakulkin Andrey Vladimirovich, born on 5.4.1965;

32. Klychnikov Vladimir Nikolaevich, born on 24.8.1964;

33. Klyueva Irina Dmitrievna., born on 13.8.1966;

34. Kovitidi Olga Fedorovna, born on 5.7.1962;

35. Kolisnichenko Nikolay Petrovich, born on 7.8.1949;

36. Konovalenko Galina Ivanovna, born on 12.06.1957;

37. Kosarev Valeriy Evgenevich, born on 06.21.1957;

38. Kotovskiy Alexander Valerevich, born on 15.5.1963;

39. Kubalov Kazbek Taymurazovich, born on 30.06.1964;

40. Litovchenko Gennadiy Ivanovich, born on 2.8.1955;

41. Lubina Lyudmila Evgenevna, born on 05.30.1957;

42. Luzhetskaya Svetlana Anatolevna, born on 12.4.1966;

43. Lukashev Igor Michailovich, born on 13.6.1962;

44. Lyutikov Vladimir Ivanovich, born on 24.12.1954;

45. Mardoyan Frunze Amazaspovich, born on 02.01.1954;

46. Meshkov Vladimir Viktorovich, born on 04.28.1960;

47. Mikhailov Evgeniy Anatolevich, born on 9.2.1951;

48. Mustetsov Vadim Antolevich, born on 12.25.1962;

49. Naraev Gennadiy Pavlovich, born on 8.3.1963;

50. Nahlupin Vitaliy Germanovich, born on 19.04.1966;

51. Osipenko Vladimir Valerivich, born on 12.28.1976;

52. Pavlenko Yanina Petrovna, born on 19.02.1976;

53. Palchuk Valeriy Vasilevich, born on 27.4.1958;

54. Permyakova Nina Petrovna, born on 27.5.1958;

55. Rohatin Vasiliy Petrovich, born on 11.12.1957;

56. Rusetskiy Oleg Leonidovich, born on 29.4.1961;

57. Ryabkov Alexander Pavlovich, born on 17.8.1956;

58. Savchenko Svetlana Borisovna, born on 24.6.1965;

59. Sidorenko Alexander Ivanovich, born on 22.6.1961;

60. Sinyuk Anatoliy Sergeyevich, born on 10.7.1952;

61. Sklyarov Alexander Mikhailovich, born on 15.5.1949;

62. Smolyanov Mikhail Alexandrovich, born on 10.6.1956;

63. Stepanov Valeriy Stepanovich, born on 17.6.1953;

64. Tikhomirov Aleksey Nikolaevich, born on 11.5.1968;

65. Udovina Olga Maksimovna, born on 18.07.1953;

66. Fix Yefim Zisevich, born on 11.27.1946;

67. Tsekov Sergey Pavlovich, born on 28.8.1953;

68. Chernyak Aleksey Yurevich, born on 27.08.1973;

69. Shapovalenko Victor Victorovich, born on 12.4.1956;

70. Shevchenko Yuriy Vitalevich, born on 05/27/1963;

71. Shmelkov Vladislav Valerivich, born on 13.11.1969;

72. Shuvaynikov Sergey Ivanovich, born on 1.8.1954;

73. Yurevich Nikolay Ivanovich, born on 26.04.1960;

74. Yanaki Nikolay Leontevich, born on 8.2.1969;

75. Yanchenko Ivan Nikolaevich, born on 01.08.1950.

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