Government will not settle the resettlement problem of the Crimean Tatars by asking the Crimean Tatar diaspora abroad for funds. Holding the International Forum on the restoration of Crimean Tatars’ rights in the Homeland, security and guarantees of development in Ukraine, according to Chief of the Foreign Affairs of the Majlis Ali Hamzin.
‘The Cabinet’s idea to help Crimean Tatars’ has to be taken positively, and it is commendable but, at the same time, they should analyze the situation and understand what they can effort or cannot. The government cans effort holding the International Forum. Much work has been done by experts concerning the International Forum, they prepared 200 paged report that has to be presented’, says Mr. Ali Hamzin.
According to him, the Office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities tries to bring the idea of holding International Forum to the government and personally to the president.
Members of the Cabinet ask the Crimean Tatar diaspora’s representatives for financial support for completing the 48-apartment dwelling house in Yedı Quyu/Lenino raion, unfinished school in the Fontany microdistrict, the 1st school in Novooleksiivka (Kherson oblast), gas supply infrastructure in Hoşkeldi microdistrict and building medical and obstetric centre in Novomykolaiivka. The Government needs 91 million hryvnas for these aims implementation.
Mr. Hamzin himself does not believe the government will collect necessary amount of money due to unstable financial state of the Crimean Tatars abroad. ‘The Government looks for money where they do not exist’, says Mr. Hamzin.
It would be recalled that the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine has asked the Crimean Tatar diaspora abroad for financial support for resettlement and housing of their compatriots living in Crimea. A total amount of money that the government plans to get is over 91 million hryvnias.