Militants are amassing manpower and military hardware in the city of Donetsk, reports the press service of the Chief Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

“For the last 24 hours the enemy has been busy amassing troops in the Donetsk area. Troops, weapons and military hardware in western Donetsk,” the statement reads.

According to intelligence reports, militants have also been practicing driving vehicles and shooting.

Local residents are reported to be getting increasingly hostile towards Russian troops stationed in the occupied territory.

“A senior officer of the Russian Armed Forces got beat up by residents of the village of Nikitovka (near Gorlovka) on January 17. The officer, who was severely inebriated, was threatening the villagers with a gun,” reads an intelligence report.  

According to the OSCE monitoring mission, weapons forbidden under the Minsk agreements, such as tanks and 100 and 122 mm canons, have been spotted near Lugansk, Almaznaya, Rassypnoye and Gorlovka.