Soviet names of district centers, like Krasnoperekopsk, Krasnogvardeiskoe, Soviet, Ulyanovka Village, Furmanovka and others, reappeared on the Russian, Ukrainian, German and the other Google Maps versions of the peninsula.

However, not all the settlements were renamed. For example, the village Otarchik has not become Novoulyanovka again, Ukrainian Truth reports.

Google promises to provide the official comments later.

It should be reminded, that on Wednesday, July 27, 2016, Google Maps service changed  a number of towns and villages names on the map of the occupied Crimea into Crimean Tatar ones. For example, there appeared regional centers Kurman, Islyam-Terek, Ichki, Jani Kapu instead of Krasnogvardeiskyi, Kirovskyi, Sovietskyi and Krasnoperekopsk respectively.

Moscow reacted by threats. Russian Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov has called the changes "a short-sighted mistake" that will not allow Google to "conduct business effectively" in Russia.

Photo: Internet