“If the Ukrainian Army were to launch an offensive, the war would be over in a week”, said Girkin, the DPR’s former Defense Minister.

According to, the terrorist said that in an interview with a pro-separatist publication. He also said that if the Ukrainian Army broke through the separatists’ defenses, the rest would be a matter of technique.

“Kiev has an overwhelming numerical superiority”, said Girkin.

Girkin went on to say that the separatists’ morale is at an all time low and none of them wants to make war.

“In some units the actual number of people does not match the one specified in their lists. It’s just that somebody gets paid for recruiting people who are not actually there. I saw the same thing happen in Chechnya where money got stolen in large quantities. In Donbass, they steal even more because there’s a lot less control over such things,” said Girkin.