The German Federal Government intends to improve security against Russia’s espionage, propaganda and misinformation, Deutsche Welle reports.

According to the report, the German Federal Intelligence Service and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution will present an interim report on the activities of the Russian secret services in the Federal Republic of Germany in May.

It is reported that the representatives of the ruling party the CDU/CSU and the opposition political force Alliance 90/The Greens support the strengthening of fight against Russian propaganda. The politicians are worried about the probability of funding the right-wing populist parties, including Alternative for Germany party by the Kremlin.

“Russia’s influence on Germany is now among the top issues on the political agenda,” said Hans-Peter Uhl, the representative of the CSU, in his interview with Deutsche Welle. “The issue requires the attention of German law enforcement agencies. The strategy of destabilization Moscow pursues in a crisis situation in the European Union is dangerous for our country.”

In turn, The Greens’ representatives have declared that Vladimir Putin is fueling anti-capitalist, nationalist and anti-Western sentiment in the German society, thus preparing the "fertile soil" for Russian manipulations.

The German Federal Intelligence also plans to resume the work of counterintelligence, which activities were discontinued after the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

Photo: Internet