The sanctions are not expected to be lifted from Russia due to the situation in the Eastern Ukraine, said the Commissioner of the German Government for Cooperation with Russia Gernot Erler as cited by Deutsche Welle.

In recent weeks, we have almost every day reported on the violation of the armistice and cease-fire that incurred numerous casualties on both sides, said Erler.

According to Erler, all 28 EU member states agree that sanctions can be lifted only when Moscow fully implements the Minsk Agreements.

Earlier the US State Department spokesman John Kirby said the sanctions imposed on Russia due to the occupation of Crimea will remain in force as long as Russia continues occupation of the peninsula. He stressed that Washington's stance remains unchanged: Crimea has always been part of Ukraine, and it will be. According to the State Department, the US called on Russia to "immediately end the occupation of the Crimea."

Photo: Internet