In the morning February 11, the Russian Federal Security Service has started searching and illegally detaining Crimean Tatars in Crimea, wrote an activist Emil Kurbedinov on Facebook.

The Russian human rights activist says FSB is fabricating new "terrorist cases" against Crimean Tatars, similar to those already existing that resulted in arrests of four Muslims from the city of Sevastopol - Ruslan Zeytullaev, Rustem Vaitov, Nuri Primov, Ferat Sayfullaev.

- I think that being unable to go on with spreading the fake information that Elvina Razakova allegedly joined the IS and thus failing to stigmatize Muslims of Crimea and Crimean Tatars as terrorists, the FSS of the city of Sevastopol set to "trump up" a couple more terrorist cases, wrote the lawyer.

In the city of Yalta, the FSB has raided Bakhtiar Topuz’s family and the Rustem Osmanovs in Bakhchisarai. An hour later as aa result of two other unlawful searches one citizen from the village of Holmovka also has been seized. Currentlly, the FSB is searching and detaining Amir-Usein Kuku, a member of the Crimean Contact Group on Human Rights.

The last thing that the human rights activist managed to report before setting off to the places of searches along with the Coordinator of the Crimean Contact Group Abdureshit Dzhepparov is that the occupiers are raiding the Crimean Tatas’ houses in the city of Alushta.

Photo: Internet