FSS officers arrested Mejlis Deputy Chairman Ilmi Umerov and are now taking him to Simferopol, Zair Smedlyaev, Head of the Qurultai’s Central Election Committee, reports.

“Mejlis Deputy Chairman Ilmi Umerov is now being taken to Simferopol by FSS officers. Ilmi Umerov’s lawyers are going there as well,” wrote Smedlyaev.

Ilmi Umerov’s lawyer Emil Kurbedinov and Mejlis First Deputy Chairman Nariman Jelyal are now on their way to Simferopol, too.

According to Zair Smedlyaev, the FSS will charge Ilmi Umerov with alleged violation of Russia’s territorial integrity and terrorism.

Umerov confirmed the report about his arrest, saying that FSS officers are now taking him to Simferopol.

Ilmi Umerov is now unavailable by phone.