Early in the morning, the FSB officers (Russian Federal Security Service) raided the apartment of the Russian journalist, political analyst and scientist Andrey Piontkovsky, according to his Twitter account.

"The FSB officers are now breaking into my Moscow apartment with my grandson Philip inside. Mark Feigin, a lawyer, is now on the sport," he wrote.

It is worthy of note that Piontkovsky signed a statement in September 2014 demanding "to stop the Russia's aggressive adventure: to withdraw from the territory of Ukraine Russian troops and stop its propaganda, financial and military support to separatists in the South-East of Ukraine."

In February 2016 Andrey Piontkovsky left Russia, fearing the threat of prosecution after the Russian Prosecutor General's Office detected "signs of extremism" in his article "Bomb ready to explode," published on the Echo of Moscow website.

Photo: Internet