Fred Durst, Limp Bitzkit’s frontman, answered a call for Hollywood celebrities, such as Angeline Jolly, to come and settle down in Crimea issued by the Crimean authorities. In fact, what he really wants is to turn Crimea into a kind of Hollywood by talking US celebrities into coming and living there, as well as making movies and TV series.

The musician sent a letter to the Crimean administration saying he is willing to launch a large-scale promotion campaign of Crimea if he is granted Russian citizenship.

“I think I could be a friend of President Putin. I'm sure we can do a lot of major cases together, and this will help Russia and help people worldwide to understand that Putin is a "great guy" with clear moral principles. I want to help Americans understand how beautiful Russia is!” said Durst.

“I really want to be part of the great future of Crimea and Russia. And there is no time like the present to build a great and prosperous future. Surely, it will take years, but I am positive I can be the driving force that will help make the project a reality. I want to be the person who will do that,” he said.

The reason Freddy is looking to settle down in a ‘cute house’ next to the sea is probably because he spent his young years abusing drugs and alcohol, robbing stores and doing time in penitentiary facilities. According to media reports, he spends days drinking Coca-Cola, eating hamburgers and surfing the Internet. Given his love for social medias, it is no wonder he has fallen an easy prey to Russian propaganda. To top it all off, he is alleged to be a gay.

Most likely, Durst’s way of living has seriously affected his perception of the outside world. He must be treating Putin and Russia as an alternative to the American way of life. Or maybe Putin is his idea of a tough guy, considering his alleged non-traditional sexual orientation? And this is the kind of people the Crimean authorities are inviting to Crimea to live in a Russian Beverly Hills.

It may well be just a PR stunt or a fad that celebrities easily pick up and just as easily forget about. He is probably unaware of Gerard Depardieu’s story, a French actor who swore he loved Russia and Putin but failed to live up to the challenge and fled back to Europe. Commenting on the move, he said that his stay in Russia helped him develop a sense of his French identity.  Maybe Durst wants to come to Crimea to develop a sense of his American identity?

It was reported earlier that Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Crimean Government, promised all kind of support to international celebrities if they choose to settle down in Crimea. In his turn, Mayor of Yalta predicted that a Russian Beverly Hills would soon be built in Crimea.