The operation has become the largest in the history of French airstrikes on ISIS-held positions in Syria, reports Reuters citing the French Defense Ministry. A total of 10 fighter jets dropped 20 bombs on ISIS stronghold, destroying a command centre, training camp and munitions dump.

Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communication for U.S. President Barack Obama, stated earlier that Washington and Paris were getting ready to launch airstrikes on ISIS in retaliation for the terror attacks which hit Paris on Friday 13. He vowed that airstrikes would be intensified, adding that the US would provide further training and supplies to armed groupings on the ground. According to him, the latter continue to provide the coalition’s headquarters with valuable intelligence allowing it to eliminate ISIS leaders with pinpoint accuracy.

In one of such strikes ISIS leader Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John, was destroyed. British Prime Minister David Cameron referred to Emwazi’s killing as ‘a strike at the heart of ISIS’, while Secretary of State John Carry said that the days of ISIS are numbered after the airstrike.