In an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine, former Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) Valentin Nalivaichenko said that high-ranking SSU officers began moving the SSU’s archives to Crimea in December 2013.

2 months before the Revolution of Dignity won, senior officers of the SSU began moving archives, documents and firearms to Simferopol. According to Vladimir Nalivaychenko, the top-ranking government officials who fled the country created myths that somebody ‘let’ them leave Kiev.

“They started moving documents and firearms in December 2013. For some unknown reason, they moved them all to Simferopol. On February 20-21, they fled themselves. Yakimenko escaped in a helicopter on February 21. Back then, we were still at the Maidan and knew nothing of what might happen. That’s why when they make accusations that somebody let them flee, they are the ones who create these myths. They were the ones in power, they were the ones who betrayed their country and they were the ones who escaped! Who was in power back then, anyway?” Nalivaichenko said.

According to him, the SSU did nothing after the killings of Maidan protesters.

“There’s a myth that the SSU personnel were doing their jobs. But they weren’t! After being appointed Head of the SSU by the Parliament on February 24, me and Maidan protesters entered the SSU building and saw nobody in there. I confirm the building being placed under the guard of the Maidan’s Self-Defense, something that had never been done before. And there were no guards, there was nothing. There was complete chaos: these traitors burnt the documents and escaped. We had no idea where to start,” said Nalivaichenko.