“There is a danger that sanctions imposed by the Western powers might get lifted if politicians in these countries decide Russia is abiding by the Minsk accords,” said Karel Schwarzenberg in an interview to Radio Freedom.

“It bothers me a lot when they say that sanctions against Russia might be lifted if Russia complies with the Minsk accords. Does it mean Crimea is no longer a priority? I’m not sure blocking Crimea will draw the international community’s attention to it. We need to think real hard what steps can be taken to keep Crimea in the international limelight. Presently, I have a very bad feeling that everybody is saying: “OK, there’s nothing we can do about Crimea, so let’s keep things the way they are now”.That’s a very dangerous thing to do because they keep reiterating that lifting sanctions is conditional on abiding by the Minsk accords, even though the sanctions were imposed after Crimea’s occupation,” said Karel Schwarzenberg.

Ukraine and Western countries refused to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014, considering it Ukrainian territory.