The former Head of the Crimean Federal Tax Service Nikolai Kochanov is convicted of bribery and sentenced to four years jail term and multimillion fine. The relevant sentence has been passed today by the Kiev District Court of Simferopol.

- The Court upheld the position of the public prosecutor and punished him by four year jail term in a general penal colony and fined him of RUB 17.9 million. Kochanov also has been deprived of the right to hold positions related to the state and municipal services for a period of three years, reported TASS quoting Crimean Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya.

According to the investigation, acting in the interests of the mining companies, Kochanov transferred employee of the FSB in the Republic of Kazakhstan RUB 300 thousand as a bribe for concealing the crime activities and general protection.

July, 2 the Kiev District Court punished the Head of the Crimean Federal Tax Service for bribery and placed him under house arrest for a month.

Kochanov is charged with committing an offense under subsection "B" Part 4 Sec. 291 of the Criminal Code (official bribery for committing deliberately illegal activities and unlawful negligence in the large size).